Removing Barriers between yourself and God.
Real Prayer Inc.  Van Wert, OH  USA
A non-profit public charity

A free Outreach Program

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This program is anxiety-free compared to programs that expect the parishioner to articulate the message on their own.


The first booklet is about "Real Prayerand concludes by asking the reader to consider a "faith-based" local church. 
  • The first four pages are an introduction to grace.  
  • People can relate to this portrayal of Christ's relationship to our human frailties.
  •  Distribution of these booklet can be as easy as a smile and the words, "I have a gift for you."  Booklets are in digital format for easier, yet perhaps less effectiveness in their delivery.



The second booklet, "Grace," strengthens the parishioner:

  • There is a dramatic difference in the results, "whether we choose" how to serve Christ or whether we gain the Christian maturity to "abide in Jesus Christ," John 15:5.
  • This booklet helps us recognize the guidance of the Holy Spirit along with the personal growth needed to be a more effective disciple of Jesus Christ.


Locate the moment when a person's heart is open to listen:
  • Our greatest opportunity for success is to abide in Christ through prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit in the process. Don't forget that our role may be only one or two steps in a multi-step process.
  • Recognize that people tend to be more open to considering options at times when they are uncomfortable with life. Whether it's a health issue (when the person is not blaming God**) or another struggle; those moments can be an opportunity.


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