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Real Prayer Inc. Van Wert, OH

Real Prayer Inc delivers a top quality Message of Salvation (link) that people relate to. 


Free booklets become available at the same moment someone is seeking Jesus Christ through their internet search inquiries such as "How to pray."


  • Last year our advertising purchases resulted in:

    • a half million non-bot home pages views from 100 countries.  

    • 125,000 of those then requested the "Real Prayer" booklet which is published in four languages.  

    • Our donation cost efficiency averaged 11 cents per booklet request. 

  • Beyond our Heavenly Father in this effort, we are three volunteers who have personally fund 83% of this ministry which averages $50. per day.


  • We are a non-profit public charity with donations having a tax deductible status through the IRS. 

To maintain this IRS status in future years, one-third of our income needs to come from church donations of any size or from small donors of under $401. annually (under 2% of our annual income.)


If you have a calling to fulfill the Great Commission in this cost efficient manner:


consider the "Donate" Paypal icon above 

or mail a check to:

Real Prayer Inc

10409 D McConahay Rd.

Van Wert, OH  45891

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