The Holy Spirit

Grace, Patience,and God's Love

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Do we really abide in Jesus Christ?    John 15:5

This 14 page booklet on "The Holy Spirit" reveals the growth necessary to accomplish things of God's agenda which yield eternal results. 



Icon to display the 2mb .pdf bookletAlso, consider the "Real Prayer" booklet when shopping for an effective Evangelism tool.  It is easy to hand out, mail with a get-well card, e-mail as an attachment, or link from social media.


These free resources provide both clarity and brevity into in depth topics.  The result is simplicity from a lay-person's prospective.

We know what it is like to face a person that has the will to listen; only to find our own abilities lack the needed words.

For a Christian with such a skill level; the "Real Prayer" booklet can be the difference between offering the Message of Salvation that people relate to or missing that special opportunity of service.


In 2023 the author of these booklets is open to a limited number of area church engagements by sharing two Sunday morning messages which greatly supplement "The Holy Spirit" booklet. 


    • Should a guest speaker be assumed tabu?  Or, should a period of prayer be a factored in prior to this decision? 
    •   ph: (419) 408-4002 or



About Real Prayer Inc:

We are three retirees from either public teaching or public safety here in Van Wert Ohio.  Each of us are from a separate church denomination.  This Public Charity was formed to change hearts; both locally and worldwide.  annual report


How are these booklets received?

    • Internet search inquiries such as "How to Pray" bring in 500 requests daily for our online or .pdf booklets.  Editions include Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Russian.  Ten percent are viewers returning from prior days.


    • An Inmate Booklet Ministry began in the Van Wert County jail.  A year later both booklets were in the digital library of the Allen County Indiana Jail.  As of August 2022, these booklets are in the library of a company which services 250,000 library tablets for inmates of prisons and jails across the United States, Canada, and beyond.



How are donations used?


    • Purchased ads bring readers to our solicitation-free website at which primarily serves countries of true poverty. 


    • Our cost efficiency averages 10 cents for a viewer to go beyond our homepage and view a booklet. 3-minute video  


    • Within our three board members, we personally fund the bulk of this $50. per day expense.


    • If cost efficient evangelism is your cup of tea, consider us.  Our ads respond at the same moment a person is showing interest in knowing more.


It is our hope that these resources may aid in your own prayer life; whether in personal growth or maturing toward opportunities in His service.


If helping to fund Real Prayer Inc is within this mixture, consider the "PayPal" link at the top of the page or our mailing address below:


Real Prayer Inc

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(419) 408-4002 or


To maintain our Public Charity IRS status (donation tax deductibility); over 1/3 of our income needs to come from donations under $401. annually by individuals (under 2% of our gross) or church donations of any size.