"Consent to Reproduce"

and "how to print"


The free "Real Prayer" Booklets can be saved on a smart phone or be printed within 4-5 sheets of paper. (28lb paper recommended)


  •  Reproductions must be distributed for free, without charge, and no solicitations for a donation. 


  •  Reproductions are only to be of the entire booklet.


  •  No blending with other material or alterations without written consent(e-mail: care@RealPrayer.org)



Booklet Printing App or Software


Free Adobe .pdf Reader software allows four pages to be printed on a single sheet of paper so that the booklet is printed on four sheets of paper.


      This free download also offers two "McAfree" products which may need "unchecked" or removed allowing for only the "Adobe" product to remain. 
    2. After download, clicking the .exe file on lower left initiates installation.


Save/download Booklet

Our .pdf booklets:


Real Prayer : a booklet parishioners can hand out.

"Grace" booklet: Offers practical application on "discipleship."




Print Booklet with Adobe Reader

Heavy weight paper (28lb) recommended



Use a long reach stapler for binding